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The Training Materials of Milton H. Erickson, M.D.

Milton H. Erickson Teaching Audio CDs

8-audio-CD set from the Edwin Yager collection

Dr. Erickson describes what he did and why it worked. From a private workshop held on March 6, 1960.

Partial contents:

  • Psychological factors in trance states and using hypnosis
  • Rationale for the use of hypnosis and techniques
  • Dynamics of the unconscious, automatic learnings
  • Hypnosis and resistance
  • Use of hypnosis with children
  • Fixation of attention, confusion, relaxation, arm levitation and House-Tree-Man technique
  • Forms of inductions with a demonstration
  • Deep trance, auto-hypnosis, and deepening techniques
  • Indirect forms of communication, suggestion and revivification
  • Theory and clinical application of hypnotic phenomena
    (time distortion, arm levitation, dissociation, time progression, age regression)
  • Post hypnotic suggestion and clinical applications and strategies
  • Clinical utilization of the patient's symptoms
  • Understanding phobia, compulsions
  • Double bind technique in hypnotic suggestion
  • Pain management techniques and case histories
  • How to develop clinical skill in using hypnosis

Specialty audio CD from the Edwin Yager collection #1 —
Unconscious awareness during general anesthesia
Dr. Erickson discusses both research and clinical applications. With Dr. David Cheek. c. 1960.

Specialty audio CD from the Edwin Yager collection #2 —
Hypnosis with Children
Presented by Dr. Erickson to the Advanced Seminar on Hypnosis in Chicago, IL, October 1958.

Audio training: 8-CD set (Catalog # EY-CD8) $120
Specialty CD: Unconscious awareness during general anesthesia (Catalog # EY-CD1-AN) $15
Specialty CD: Hypnosis with Children (Catalog # EY-CD1-HC) $ 15
Full set of 10 CDs from the Edwin Yager Collection ($10 discount) (Catalog # EY-CD10) $ 140

"Now, You Wanted a Trance Demonstrated Today"

by Milton H. Erickson, M.D.

This 82 minute, sub-titled black and white demonstration shows Dr. Erickson performing a live induction. Also available is a unique, annotated transcription which not only provides the text of the induction, but descriptions and explanations of Dr. Erickson's process, making this progam ideal for the truly serious student of hypnosis. It is so rich in information that repeated viewings continue to reveal deeper levels of nuance that can help you master Erickson's own techniques in your own practice.

"Now, You Wanted A Trance Demonstrated Today" is the premier hypnosis teaching presentation of Dr. Erickson. In this video, he demonstrates and discusses:

  • dissociation
  • direct and indirect inductions
  • deepening
  • arm levitation
  • age-regression
  • positive and negative hallucinations
  • mind/body separation
  • amnesia/hypernesia

"Now, You Wanted a Trance Demonstrated Today"

The Literature-Based Annotated Transcript

This is a unique companion to the DVD, "Now, You Wanted a Trance Demonstrated Today." The dynamic three-level format allows the transcript to be used either to enhance the understanding of the teaching tape or as a teaching tool by itself.

The transcript presents three discrete and synergistic levels:

  1. A rhythm-formatted transcript of Dr. Erickson's words with non-verbal behavior appended. The rhythm-formatting separates his words into distinct phrase and rhythm elements, emphasizing not just what he said, but how he said it.
  2. An analysis of the induction that pairs these phrase and rhythm elements with the intentions and functions he attributed to these elements in previously described writings, interviews and lectures -- in other words, why he said what he did, and why he chose that specific presentation method.
  3. The subject's own words describing, element by element, the experiences and understandings he had while Dr. Erickson was working with him. This provides a truly unique opportunity to vicariously experience what it was like to be placed in a trance state by the father of modern hypnotherapy himself.
DVD alone (Catalog # E-DVD1) $125
DVD with transcript (Catalog # E-DVDT1) $150
Annotated transcript only (Catalog # E-T1) $ 35

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The Treatment of Two Phobia Cases and
The Hypnotic Treatment of an 11-year-old Child with Bedwetting

by Milton H. Erickson, M.D.


This presentation contains some of the most important case studies Dr. Erickson presented in his private teaching seminars. Parts of these Case Studies have been described in his books and in many of the books that have been written about him. This video allows you to hear and watch Dr. Erickson describe these classic treatments in their entirety just as he did during those teaching seminars.

This video was enhanced with an outstanding audio portion, and is in black and white. It is ideal for both beginning and advanced students of hypnosis.

2 Phobia cases/Bedwetting - DVD approx. 70 min (Catalog # E-DVD4) $65

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The Therapeutic Perspective and
Working with Multiple Personality

by Milton H. Erickson, M.D.

A double program audio CD and transcript

In this two-program audio CD Milton H. Erickson, M.D. first presents his unique therapeutic perspective on the therapist's awareness in the client-therapist relationship. He then proceeds to demonstrate this process in his discussion of his work with clients with multiple personalities.

Program One: The Therapeutic Perspective
Dr. Erickson discusses the uniqueness and commonalities of each client. Using instruction and demonstration, he introduces:

  • The nature of the conscious & unconscious mind
  • developmental considerations
  • the idiosyncratic meaning of words
  • looking at things "in all possible ways"

Program Two: Multiple Personality
Dr. Erickson illustrates the principles presented on Program One in his work with clients who had multiple personalities. Those discussed include both his classic and widely published cases which include those of Miss Damon and Miss Brown as well as his unpublished case of Christina.

Accompanying Transcript
The accompanying transcript is in paragraph format and follows word for word Dr. Erickson's presentation.

Dr. Erickson Discusses:

Therapeutic perspective/MPD Audio CD (Catalog # E-A1) $15
Therapeutic perspective/MPD Audio CD and transcript (Catalog # E-AT1) $20
Therapeutic perspective/MPD Transcript only (Catalog # E-T2) $ 8

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About these materials

The co-founders of SCSEPH recorded many hours of audio and video recordings of their training and discussions with Dr. Erickson. The above are the most requested teaching DVDs of those archived.

During 1978 and 1979, Drs. Terry Argast, Richard Landis and Gary Ruelas visited Milton H. Erickson, M.D. at his home in Phoenix, Arizona, to study hypnotic techniques and methods. Drs. Argast, Landis and Ruelas brought audio and video equipment and taped Dr. Erickson to study his methods in depth.

For hours on end, Dr. Erickson would lecture, give anecdotes and discuss his methods by case examples. Every so often Dr. Erickson would masterfully put one of them in trance, but his methods were so subtle that to understand how he elicited such phenomena so quickly, much study had to be conducted. Finally, following repeated requests, Dr. Erickson decided to give a formal trance demonstration. Dr. Erickson chose as his subject Dr. Terry Argast and on December 8, 1978, he provided what is now recognized as one of the best archival audio-visual examples of trance demonstration by Dr. Erickson.

In 1980, Dr. Erickson passed away. As a result, all of this video material went into storage and was not viewed again for a number of years. In 1985, Dr. Ruelas began viewing the video tapes and determined that this particular piece would make a valuable teaching tool. The doctors began to transcribe Dr. Erickson's "Trance Demonstration." Finally, in 1986, following months of viewing and reviewing the video, the final transcription was completed. Dr. Ruelas, with technical support, then added subtitles to enhance its quality as a learning tool.

The recorded demonstration with these subtitles was first shown in 1986 at the Third International Ericksonian Congress. Although response was overwhelmingly positive, Drs. Argast, Landis and Ruelas were dissatisfied with the audio portion of the presentation. In 1990, Dr. Landis re-discovered an original audio portion of this particular session. The audio had been taped separately but simultaneously with the video taping. The audio portion was taken from a lapel microphone that Dr. Erickson was wearing. In 1991, the taped audio portion was re-dubbed onto the video portion of the teaching tape, Now, You Wanted A Trance Demonstrated Today, to complete the final presentation. Subsequent portions were also redubbed and offered as the audio and video teaching materials presented in this series.

It is this final demonstration, now converted to digital format, that is now being made available to you.

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