PartsWork Package (Audio Seminar + Beyond Survivor Vol. 2: PartsWork)


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This discounted package includes both the 6-hour audio of a live PartsWork workshop and the Beyond Survivor Vol. II: PartsWork manual.

The workshop teaches basic procedures for clients who have developed maladaptive protections that result in dissociative disorders, over-reactions and compulsions. An important part of this audio set is the demonstration and instruction on contacting The Interface, a symbol through which clients can communicate with their unconscious.

In addition, the workshop audio presents supplemental procedures not found in the book for clients who have amnesia for past traumas that are affecting their current lives and need to resolve or reduce the responses without seeding memories.

The manual is a practical synthesis of the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for the Unconscious and PartsWork workshops, which teaches you how to let the client’s unconscious mind do all the basic and repetitive work associated with the cognitive-behavioral therapies. Treatment for phobic avoidance, overreactions, age regressive behavior, dissociative responses, self-defeating behaviors, maladaptive relationship choices, anger outbursts, and hypervigilance are addressed.