Resolving Prenatal and Early Life Trauma with David Cheek


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Keynote Speech and Demonstrations by David Cheek, M.D.

Resolving Prenatal and Early Life Trauma Using Ideo-Motor Approaches

Senior-author, with Leslie LeCron, of the classic: Clinical Hypnotherapy and Co-author, with Ernest Rossi, of the ground-breaking book, Mind-Body Therapy.

This audio includes both David Cheek’s Keynote Address and later demonstrations. Following the keynote address, Drs. Weitzenhoffer, Schafer and moderator Dr. Gary Ruelas discuss the presentation with Dr. Cheek.

During the demonstration segment, Dr. Cheek presents his classic mind-body techniques. Using his unique ideodynamic approach, he shows how to identify and resolve early-life and pre-birth trauma.

Highlights include Dr. Cheek’s demonstrations of:

  • Ideomotor techniques
  • Strategies in ideodynamic utilization
  • Treating adults’ pre-verbal traumas
  • The role of pre-birth trauma in adult psychological and medical dysfunction