Treatments for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Victimized Clients
By Richard Landis, Ph.D., C.T.S., F.P.P.R.
It is important for the victimized client to move past the limited identity of “victim” in order to see him or herself as a “survivor.” However, the conscious identity of “survivor” can also become limiting.
The purpose of the Beyond Survivor series is to help the client move to the next step where being a “survivor” transforms from a conscious identity to an unconscious assumption.
The hard-earned learnings of past trauma are used as an unconscious and flexible strength to increase life’s meaning, satisfaction, fun and play.

Since treatment of PTSD is a systemic problem, the solutions offered here are systemic in design. To that end, each training, demonstration, and book, presents treatment from a different and overlapping perspective. Depending on a therapist’s experience level and personal style, the materials can be used individually or synergistically with each other.