This audio set features one of the finest teachers of Ericksonian hypnosis and psychotherapy in the United States and Europe. Drawing on her experiences as a close friend, student, subject and colleague of Dr. Erickson, Dr. Thompson brought her own humanistic style as she teaches:

  • Hypnotic communication without hypnosis
  • Formal and informal inductions
  • Strategies in hypnosis utilization
  • Language as a therapeutic tool
  • Group hypnotherapy
  • Metaphor and word play that heals
  • Alteration of physiological processes
  • Utilization with acute and chronic pain(Including anesthesia for surgical procedures, post surgical pain & childbirth)

Dr. Thompson has taken the hypnotic word play she experienced with Dr. Erickson and combined it with her own clinical perspectives and warm sense of humor. The result is an amalgam of skillfully strategic and playful interventions that is uniquely Kay Thompson. This is an excellent resource for both beginning and advanced students who want to increase their understanding of the use of strategic hypnotic language.