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From the Edwin Yager collection

Teaching seminar presented by Dr. Erickson at a private workshop held on March 6, 1960, in which he describes what he does and why.

Partial contents:

  • Psychological factors in trance states and using hypnosis
  • Rationale for the use of hypnosis and techniques
  • Dynamics of the unconscious, automatic learnings
  • Hypnosis and resistance
  • Use of hypnosis with children
  • Fixation of attention, confusion, relaxation, arm levitation and House-Tree-Man technique
  • Forms of inductions with a demonstration
  • Deep trance, auto-hypnosis, and deepening techniques
  • Indirect forms of communication, suggestion and revivification
  • Theory and clinical application of hypnotic phenomena
    (time distortion, arm levitation, dissociation, time progression, age regression)
  • Post hypnotic suggestion and clinical applications and strategies
  • Clinical utilization of the patient’s symptoms
  • Understanding phobia, compulsions
  • Double bind technique in hypnotic suggestion
  • Pain management techniques and case histories
  • How to develop clinical skill in using hypnosis


Additional included specialty audios also from the Edwin Yager collection:

Unconscious awareness during general anesthesia
Dr. Erickson discusses both research and clinical applications. With Dr. David Cheek. c. 1960.

Hypnosis with Children
Presented by Dr. Erickson to the Advanced Seminar on Hypnosis in Chicago, IL, October 1958.