The Therapeutic Perspective and Working with Multiple Personality (Audio+Transcript)



In this two-program audio, Milton H. Erickson, M.D. first presents his unique therapeutic perspective on the therapist’s awareness in the client-therapist relationship. He then proceeds to demonstrate this process in his discussion of his work with clients with multiple personalities.

Program One: The Therapeutic Perspective

Dr. Erickson discusses the uniqueness and commonalities of each client. Using instruction and demonstration, he introduces:

  • The nature of the conscious & unconscious mind
  • Developmental considerations
  • The idiosyncratic meaning of words
  • Looking at things “in all possible ways”

Program Two: Multiple Personality

Dr. Erickson illustrates the principles presented on Program One in his work with clients who had multiple personalities. Those discussed include both his classic and widely published cases which include those of Miss Damon and Miss Brown as well as his unpublished case of Christina.

Accompanying Transcript

The accompanying transcript is in paragraph format and follows word for word Dr. Erickson’s presentation.