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Rapid Age Regression:
Breaking the Spell of Pre-Existing Negative Trances

Section 1: Theoretical Model

  • Psychopathology as pre-existing trances
  • Automatic learnings: both the problem and the solution
  • Association and differentiation: Knowing how to break the spell
  • Depth of trance: How far to go
  • A systemic model of amnesia
  • Focus on affect as the pathway to the unconscious
  • Updating the unconscious and the fixed ideas
  • Tapping unconscious resources through natural context suggestions

Section 2: Steps in Rapid Age Regression

  • Identify the feeling
  • Deepen and regress with imagery
  • Orient to the past situation
  • Establishing rapport with the unconscious
  • Identify the therapeutic issue
  • Identify the fixed ideas
  • Intervention
  • Reorientation

Section 3: Demonstrations

Each of the 7 demonstrations contains:

  • Introduction
  • Transcripts with analysis
  • Discussion